Saturday, February 14, 2015


Well well well, guess who yang tukaq tmpat stadi? Haha. Honestly though, bayangan untuk study Tesl memang tk pernah muncul sejak-sejak masuk TATI but hey, look who's in KL, grinding on English's 'ramp'. It's been like a month at KPTMKL and everything works totally fine. The lecturers have been soooooo great, they're 'sokulliddat' you knowwww. Mula-mula tu ye lahh, I have to start over in search for new friends and I would describe the first 2 weeks here as the 'Awkward fortnight'. As time passes, I knew that; These lads' mind has the same thing as mine. Satu kepala I would say and like 65-70% of them are older than me, but they're acting 15. Lels

How Tesl has been working for me?
THIS THING IS AWESOME (but sometimes boring) AS HELL. 

Essential English subject macam Grammar tu bosan ler sikit pasal (I don't even know why) the lecturers are giving us the exercises for 3rd-grade kids! And as for me, mende ni jadi macam makan kacang sambil tengok bola not really cause im a smart ass genius, tapi it's pretty obvious that those exercises ARE FOR 3RD GRADE KIDS! Imagine giving an A+ student in Add Math satu exercise yang sepatutnya diberi dkat student darjah 5? You get me rite? Haha. Other than that, there's Reading and Writing which is currently bosan pasal kena buat book review and you knowww how 'READING and WRITING' works rite? Lol. But Listening and Speaking is another whole different story because ini subjek dia punya fun dan mencabar tu lain macam, Google 'IPA' and 'Phonetics' then you probably know what we're doing. 

How much would I rate this month's Tesl education?
4.8/5. Mana lagi 0.2? 
Well, nobody's perfect. Hiks