Friday, November 27, 2015


 So few days back I’ve stumbled upon a discussion on Twitter under the username of @TwtUpCampus . Well, if you didn’t really follow this acc yet, then you should! Now!
  The curator was tweeting like soooooooo many important things to do during an interview. Not those ‘what to wear’ or ‘the basic needs of an interview’ kind of discussion but hey, this is the real deal. Note that this is the improvised version for the curator’s tweets. Enjoy!

The interview #secretweapon (group assessments)
o   What is a group interview/assessment?
-Well basically, it is an interview where you will be interviewed as a group. Not that ‘facing the panels ALONE’ kind of interview. You get me right?

o   You will be given a case study (The title of your discussion).

o   Of course, the panel will analyze your discussion.

o   ETA? Probably around 10-15 minutes.


o   Clarify yourself.
“Dear officers, we need to speak in full English, loud and clear, right?”.
To recognize the presence of the panels, THAT THEY’RE THERE, THEY REALLY DO EXIST! Lol.

o   Note that THIS IS NOT A FIGHT AGAINST EACH OTHER KIND OF ASSESSMENT! (The greed to be the only people who stand out in the group). Never ever, ever, ever, ever, ever ,ever do that.

o   Give the panels your truthful smile

“Guys, just before we proceed, let’s do a quick prayer to our Lord”.
To establish the friendliness.

o   Give others the chance!
“Anyone wants to lead the discussion?”. (Never reign authority).

o   Give help to the ‘needy’ ones.
“You agree, yes?”.
“Please say yes, because I need your consensus on this”.
 (Just make sure that you look him/her in the eyes when you’re saying this)

o   If you ever being asked by the panels “What do you think about the discussion?”.
“Officers, I do believe in each one of use deserve to be the recipients of ___________. We have to potentials, and the talents you might need/searching for”.
“All we need is the support from you, oh, and prayers too”.

o   Try to ‘save’ as many people as possible. Be nice, friendly and supportive!

o   What if you simply got ‘attacked’ (questioned) by the panels about your passion towards the topic?                                                                                                                                                             “Sir, I truly believe in my talents. I might not have the requirements, but whatever It takes, I am passionate to discover new world”

  Sooooo, that was everything. Other than all those tips, I was also fascinated by the last remarks from the curator;
“Interview is imperative for panels to really know you. Show your actual self. Don’t bluff. Don’t wear #LiarMask”
About the main account - @TwtUpCampus 
  Again, if you haven’t follow it on Twitter please do. And if you don’t have a Twitter acc yet, then what the heck are you doing?? @TwtUpCampus is a popular discussion acc on Twitter with multiple curators that changes every week. If you happen to know someone named Tasha Manshahar, well, she’s one of dem curators!  With 10.3K of followers, (Dated 24/12/2014) this acc attracts peoples’ attention with loads of interesting discussions regarding the life of a student.

About the curator of this discussion - @aixnr
  Aizan Fahri. 20 year old student from Terengganu and currently studying BSc. Biotechnology and Molecular Bioscience at Rochester Institute of Technology in New York, USA. He held tons of discussions for week #52 for @TwtUpCampus. Making discussions based on his own experiences over the years of being a student really do fascinates lots of people. Like A LOT. And you can check out his own website right HERE!

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Promo tidak berbayar (Hiks) : TESL KPTMKL

Hai awaa, dah dapat result SPM? Ok eh? Agak-agak nk smbung amende lepaih ni? Engineering? Medic? Accounting? If TESL's your choice then you're at the right webpage. 

Oh, and btw, ni dia the common misconceptions about TESL;
1- "Ohh, amik TESL? Nk jadi cikgu la ni?"
2- "TESL? Ishh, senang je wei"
3- "TESL ni kos untuk orang yang betul-betul power English je ni"
4- "Ramai sangat ambik TESL ni, peluang kerja NK JADI CIKGU susah la wei (Course mainstream sangat)"

So ni dia jawapan;
1- Range future prospect untuk tesl ni sensangat lah luas from being a teacher (duhh) to publishing, journalist, public relations, marketing, advertising and bla bla bla (bnyk lagi lahh). 
2- Ni ayat penyata paling offensive you will ever give to a teslian because you didn't really know the real struggle of being a tesl student and guess what? Takde mende yang senang dalam bumi ni kecuali hang ada semangat dngan rajin buat koje. But hey, I'm not saying that tesl is a hard task to do sebab lagi skali, kalau rajin dengan azam menggunung berapi, it'll be easier for you to ace in tesl. 
3- Ya, you will be 'playing' around with English all the time but hey, other than that, you'll be (mostly) exposed to the real way of teaching students English dan korang jgak akan bnyk 'bermain' dengan the study of psychology. Sooooooo, tak semestinya yang betul-betul pawer English je bleh amik tesl. TETAPI : Well of course, you must at least have the English basics before taking this course. 
4- Do I really need to explain this? Again, the future prospects of a teslian ni sangatlah luas, bukan setakat cikgu je hang boleh jadi.

I'll be explaining just the few things about *tesl here since I'm just halfway through the first semester. Heee. 

Sooooooo, here's the list of few things.
1- This is a homegrown program by KPTMKL consisting 6 semesters (3 years) of education.
2- **Credit hours? 93 hours.
3- Entry requirement? Pass the SPM with minimum of 3 credits dalam mana-mana subject and that includes BM & of course, ENGLISH. 
4- What courses will you be taking?
Tapi kannnnnn, that's not the real one since kptm dh tukar sikit. Tapi you'll be seeing this table everywhere from other blog posts and even the official kptm website. Here's the updated punya.

1- Listening and Speaking development 1
2- English Grammar 1
3- Reading and Writing development 1
4- Pengajian Malaysia (History la senang crite)
5- Concepts and Application of Information Technology (IT la senang crite)


1- Listening and Speaking development 2
2- Reading and Writing Development 2
3- English Grammar 2
4- Principles and Practices in Language Teaching
5- Pengajian Islam/Etika dan Moral 
6- Sports Science
7- Beginner French/Bahasa Arab Asas (Optional)

1- Intro to Sociolinguistics 
2- Critical Reading
3- Teaching English Grammar 
4- Introduction to Literature 
5- Human Communication
6- Elementary French/Bahasa Arab Lanjutan

1- The Teaching of Reading and Writing Skills 
2- The Teaching of Listening and Speaking Skills
3- Material Selection and Adaptation 
4- Drama Production
5- Introduction to Sociology 
6- Entrepreneurship 

1- Language Tests in School
2- Curriculum and Instructions
3- Language Programme Planning and Development
4- Psychology in Education
5- Khidmat Masyarakat/Pengurusan Masjid



So there are just few changes on the courses and one of the reason I heard from the lecturers is that student selalu dah lupa pasal apa yang diorang study time sem1 macam Psychology in Education tu, so diorang pindahkan subjek tu ke sem5 sblom student pegi practicum dekat skolah rendah dalam area KL ni. 


"Ye la kan? Takde tempat lain ke? Bnyak lagi weh, UiTM? Unisel? MSU?".

First thing's first, aku pun tak tau pasaipa aku decided buat diploma sini but here's the few things yang menarik perhatian aku;
1- KPTM ni IPTS under MARA. Sooooo mana-mana berkelayakan, boleh mintak MARA punya loan. Apa kelebihan pinjaman MARA berbanding pinjaman lain macam PTPTN? GOOGLE GUYS! GOOGLLLLLEEE IT!
2- Mana-mana student yang score CGPA of 3.75 and above akan dapat chance untuk ***fly oversea! Under MARA lagi naaaaa.

So there you go, few things yang aku bleh kongsi pasal tesl. Any questions? Hit me up at ;
Twitter - @MidRezz
Email -

*Note that semua penerangan ni untuk DIPLOMA in tesl dkat kptm, as other program macam foundation in tesl dkat UiTM ni sangat berlainan dari segi subjek, sistem dan tempoh masa study.
**Lagi tinggi credit hour, lagi penting subjek tu. Credit hour ni dipakai untuk kira pointer hang. 
***MARA akan kasi satu list of university yang korang sendiri akan pilih untuk pegi, tapi usaha tu kena lebih sikit la, sebab 3.75 of CGPA takkan datang dengan cuma goyangan kaki. Hiks

Saturday, February 14, 2015


Well well well, guess who yang tukaq tmpat stadi? Haha. Honestly though, bayangan untuk study Tesl memang tk pernah muncul sejak-sejak masuk TATI but hey, look who's in KL, grinding on English's 'ramp'. It's been like a month at KPTMKL and everything works totally fine. The lecturers have been soooooo great, they're 'sokulliddat' you knowwww. Mula-mula tu ye lahh, I have to start over in search for new friends and I would describe the first 2 weeks here as the 'Awkward fortnight'. As time passes, I knew that; These lads' mind has the same thing as mine. Satu kepala I would say and like 65-70% of them are older than me, but they're acting 15. Lels

How Tesl has been working for me?
THIS THING IS AWESOME (but sometimes boring) AS HELL. 

Essential English subject macam Grammar tu bosan ler sikit pasal (I don't even know why) the lecturers are giving us the exercises for 3rd-grade kids! And as for me, mende ni jadi macam makan kacang sambil tengok bola not really cause im a smart ass genius, tapi it's pretty obvious that those exercises ARE FOR 3RD GRADE KIDS! Imagine giving an A+ student in Add Math satu exercise yang sepatutnya diberi dkat student darjah 5? You get me rite? Haha. Other than that, there's Reading and Writing which is currently bosan pasal kena buat book review and you knowww how 'READING and WRITING' works rite? Lol. But Listening and Speaking is another whole different story because ini subjek dia punya fun dan mencabar tu lain macam, Google 'IPA' and 'Phonetics' then you probably know what we're doing. 

How much would I rate this month's Tesl education?
4.8/5. Mana lagi 0.2? 
Well, nobody's perfect. Hiks

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

SPM RESULT - 20th MARCH 2014

All the best RAIDS'13
Segala usaha
Segala doa
Segala ikhtiar
Segala penat lelah 
Akan membuahkan hasil
Teruskan berdoa
Teruskan berdoa
Teruskan berdoa
All the best RAIDS'13

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Let's talk about Sains Dungun

Kebanyakan student dari luar Zon Timur tak kenal sangat dari mana SM Sains Dungun ni. And yeah, I still remember that moment when a guy during 2011's SBP 10's guessed Sains Dungun ni situated dkat Kelantan. I just laughed at it and I didn't really offended by it sebab pepatah Melayu sendiri bagitau, "ALAH BISA, TEGAL BIASA". So apa kaitan pepatah ni dengan situasi tu? Well, it means that I've already got used to dipandang sebagai 'underdog' dalam apa jua keadaan. I'm not trying to brag too much here tapi sepanjang 5 tahun aku study dkat skolah ni aku dah pergi 12 SBP events. Of course, I've met with a lot of people sepanjang period tu. TBH, each time aku jumpa sesorang tu, aku bleh recognize mamat ni sekolah mana, minah ni sekolah mana disebabkan oleh pelbagai typical things yang 'terkaji' dengan sendirinya oleh aku. Don't believe me? Here's some of them. 

1- Students from all girl skool usually pakai braces, pakai tudung bawal yang diselak ke bahu and most of them memiliki skin sawo matang. (lol)
2- Students from all boy skool plak usually mempunyai pemakaian yang pawer. I mean, great sense of style. Each time aku nampak diorang berjalan, I can see the confidence. 
3- Students from skolah yang baru dibuka plak biasanya bleh dilihat dari segi baju blok/rumah sukan yang dipakai. Sebab baju sport house yang pawer2 (macam sdar) biasanya dicipta oleh student skolah yang ada experience. 

Hmm, topik dah lari jaoh sangat ni kot. Haha. Anyway, the thing is that each (popular) school have their own kind of trend/trademark. But how about Sains Dungun? Nope. None. Just simply zero. Kebanyakan student Sains Dungun kurang bangga dengan skolah diorang sendiri pasal kononnya skolah ni takde populariti, takde kelainan, takde kemajuan, takde itu, takde ini. Lemme ask you this : Korang pernah dengar atau tahu maksud perkataan "BERSYUKUR"? Haaaaaaaaa. Aku bukan nk bukak kedai kopi sambil sembang pasal kita kena bersyukur bla bla bla. TAK. Seriously though, aku sendiri berpikir-pikir untuk pindah skolah time form1. Dah la skolah tak popular, aku benci senior time tu. Aku benci asrama time tu. Dah la buruk, cat pun dah tertanggal, memang 'komang spana' la senang crita. Merayu-rayu aku nak pindah tahun tu. But time flies so fast lah katakan, akhirnya aku pikiaq-pikiaq balik, the only thing that we need is 'patience'. Sabar. Sabar. Sabar. Sabar la kena ragging selama 3 tahun. Sabar la kena rotan dengan cikgu. Sabar la kena buat tu. Sabar la kena buat ni. Just remember that bila kita dah tinggalkan sekolah, the only thing that we can bring along is the memories. (Other than that probably Super great exam results. lol)

I've heard a lot of rumours. Rumours about batch aku kena kutuk dengan pihak tu, pihak ni. Banyak pihak la senang cita. Sekali lagi the only thing that we can do is to be patient. Hal macam ni takleh lawan broo. Series aku cakap. Menda camni memang perlu di-stress sangat2 dekat students. WHY? Sebab api taleh lawan api broo. Kalau tahu diri dikutuk, terus check stock perangai masingmasing pastu try baiki manamana lobang. Jangan bila dngar diri dicaci, trus invite setel 1on1. Kalo setel 1on1 secara perbincangan telus, ikhlas dan jujur tu takpe jugak, ni jujur sangat sampai tinggalkan tapak kaki dkat badan. Pfftt. Kudos to brader2 RAIDS pasal amalkan sifat sabar sejak awal tahun aritu. Memang aku Respek. Dah puas di-mengata, dah sampai seru kita ubah sikap pastu tolerate dalam segala perkara. 

Easy. Kalau nk jadi student SBP tapi cuma sebab nak jadi popular, that means you're totally pathetic. Other than that, try to change our own mentality, jangan berfikiran sempit. Based on aku punya pemerhatian selama 5 tahun is that Sains Dungun ni dia ada banyak trend yang kurang elok, kurang sopan. Benda2 yang baik dipandang buruk and vice versa. I don't really think that I should elaborate more pasal tu kann. Kita sendiri sedar pasal benda camni. The thing is that we should be together in this. Kalau sorang je ada mentaliti kelas pertama tak guna wei. Tapi, (ada tapi di sini) jangan cuba baiki trend2 buruk tu suma secara drastik. HOOOOO, jangan sesekali perbuat sebegini, sebab you will be only labelled as an alien, or maybe an outcast to other. (And yes, this is a warning)



"Whatever happens, it will still be the SM Sains Dungun, studying in fully-functional classrooms, under the guidance of the powerful teachers, who never give up on giving their best performance. On the way, SM Sains Dungun will be creating many more chances, glories, experiences and memories. Hopefully, it will lead to us winning the 'big academic tournament' back, but if it doesn't, it really is not the end of the world. So let's take a deep breath and realise how good it is to be a SEMESDIAN, right now, right here."